Monday, May 28, 2007

The Squirrels!

I went for lunch with Elizabeth this day and found out that the beautiful ivy canopy above the restaraunt was infested with squirrels. As Carrie Bradshaw said "They're just rats in cuter outfits!" Amen Carrie. Amen.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kevin Dart goes out for Dinner

We went out for dinner the other day and Kevin got a huuuuuuuuge portion of food. At the end of the night they packed it up to go in this enormous container but gave him the tinest bag to put it in.

Bow to the Coffee Gods

Today the coffee machine was broken. We had to pray that the Coffee Gods would let us have one drip of precious coffee so early in the morning.

The Gym

We all get those days where we're determined to get in shape. Well I decided to document my decision process.

The Life of Maggie Kang

My other friend Maggie just took off back to Toronto. To get revenge on her for leaving me all alone I decided to post these. The one of her and the dolphins comes from a bunch of us sitting around and wondering what would happen if we went to Hawaii. Poor,poor Maggie didn't fair so well in the dolphin department.

Elizabeth Ito and I are twins

I have the great pleasure of hanging out with Elizabeth Ito. The great thing about hanging out with awesome people is we sometimes we wear exatly the same thing. Like we did the other day. It was a black dress day all around for some reason.

First Post on a new Blog.

Hey there all. I started this Blog as just a little way to motivate myself to do a daily drawing about observations etc. in my life. I love my other Blog and I'll keep it going as a more serious drawing, painting and design place for me. But this blog is just a way to have a little fun. My first post on here will be my adventures in Cat pee. My cat has taken to peeing on my bed everytime I leave the house. Which is just fantastic. So I did this definately NSFW drawing of my day of the Pee. Hope you enjoy.